• Lash Extension Training Course

    Choose between Group session and One-on-One Training to learn about:

    -Anatomy of lashes ( lash 101)
    -Lash extensions basics & techniques
    -Taping methods
    -Isolation methods
    -Marketing tips
    -Supplies for first 20 customers
    -Vendor list

    -Receive lifetime membership

  • Lash Extension Services

    Lash Extensions are a great way to naturally enhance your eyes

    Services Available:




    -Mega-volume full sets available


    *Each set lasts approximately 2-3 weeks. After 2 weeks, you will need a full set.*

  • Permanent Makeup

    Permanent makeup is a cosmetic technic used to create or enhance the appearance of various body features such as eyebrows, freckles, lip blush, eye liner, & more.

    Services Available:



    -Lip blush

    -Eye liner


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